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Online Questionnaire - A MUST to create a website!

To create a great looking website, all clients MUST fill out our online questionnaire in order to begin the process.  Remember, your website is like a resume, of sorts, this is the place where you will be providing all necessary information regarding your business including your phone number, your location, directions, a list of your services, among other things.  Content is KING!  Building content on your new site will make or break how the search engines will rank your website.  The more content, the better.  This questionnaire will take at least 20-30 minutes, so be prepared to take some time to filling out this form.  

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Date Website Should Be Completed By:
Year business opened:
Business Address:
Business Phone Number:
Business Owner Email Address:
Business Owner Cell Number:
Business Owner Name:
Full Name of Business:
What do you specialize in?
Regarding your new site ... do you want to have us make ongoing changes?
Do you currently own a domain name?
If so, what is the domain name?
Who is the domain registered with?
Is the website currently being hosted?
If so, who is it hosted with?
Tell us about your logos,
slogans, mottos, etc.
Who is your competition and 
why are you better?
What are your hours of operation?
Monday - Friday
Would you like to have coupons
and / or specials on your website?

Disclaimers For Coupon? Check All Disclaimers you want printed on coupon below.  
How many coupons do 
you want on the website?
Expiration Date:
Who is your target audience?
Do you have any testimonials from customers that you would like
to include on website?
(If so, please send via email)
Tell us about any awards and / or affiliations.  Example BBB, etc.
Are you licensed and / or insured?
Brand names you offer to your customers?
(If so, please name them)
Do you free estimates and / or quotes?
(May not apply to your business)
Provide 1 website you like:

And Why?
Would you like a map / directions
page on the contact us page?
Does your business accept credit cards?
If so, check all credit card types
that you currently accept.
Any special color request?  Font request?
If you could have your website show up for any related keywords, what would they be?
Social Networking Sites
Are you looking to make your own changes once the website is built or would you like to have us host and maintain your website?
Would you like to have a blog page built on your website?  (extra fees will apply)
Like Us Button

Would you be interested in having us embed a "Like Us" button on your website?
For all the boxes you checked above, please fill in the URL address for any pages you might have.
 Which social network sites does your business have a current page for?  Check all that apply.
On your new website will be a contact form.  What email address should all new inquires go to?  What email address?
Any additional information we should be aware of BEFORE we build your website?  Questions and comments add here.
Yes, we want your company to make ongoing changes.
No, we want to make ongoing changes ourselves.
Not to be combined with any other offer.
One coupon per person / family.
American Express
Yes, we want to make our own changes.
No, we want your company to make ongoing changes.
Not sure.
Google Plus
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